Singapore’s Racial Harmony Day 2012

Hi tourists,

Singapore celebrates Racial Harmony Day every year on the 21st July to remind Singaporeans of the importance of social cohesion. 48 years ago, on the 21st July 1964, inter-racial riots broke out and threatened Singapore’s inter-racial peace.

In Singapore public schools, students dress up in their different traditional costumes and feast on a wide variety of cultural delicacies as a way to learn about and appreciate the cultures of their friends of other races.

Singapore's multi-racial culture

Singapore’s multi-racial culture

So, if you happen to be travelling in Singapore on Racial Harmony Day, pick up a traditional costume of one of the main ethnic groups (Chinese, Malay and Indian) in Singapore and mingle in with the locals! Perhaps they will treat you to some delicious food unique to their culture.

To experience Chinese culture, head off to Chinatown. For Malay culture, visit Kampong Glam. To see the Indian culture, go to Little India.

Travel Delight,
Your Singapore Guide


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