Singapore Food Festival

Hi tourists,

If you love Singapore food, touring Singapore in July will be particularly joyful for you as it is the month of the Singapore Food Festival, an annual month long festival celebrated at many different locations in Singapore

Singapore Chilli Crab

During the Singapore Food Festival, tourists should take the opportunity to sample food from the wide variety of local and international dishes on display.

Favourite local Singaporean food dishes include Chicken Rice (hailed as Singapore’s national dish), Laksa (thick rice vermicelli in rich and spicy coconut gravy), Popiah (Singapore’s version of a burrito), Kaya (coconut custard jam) Toast, Roti Prata (indian pancake), Chilli Crab and Rojak (chopped fruits and vegetables mixed in peanut sauce).

Things to look out for during Singapore Food Festival 2012:
– Culinary workshops
–  Themed food events
– Cooking competitions
– Food deals at restaurants and cafes

Travel Delight,
Your Singapore Guide


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