Maritime Experiential Museum Aquarium (MEMA)

Hi Singapore tourists,

The Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium opened its doors to visitors in late 2011. Located in Resorts World Sentosa conveniently just beside Universal Studios Singapore, it is Asia’s first and only museum dedicated to showcase Asia’s maritime history.

Singapore Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium

Among 400 rare artefacts, the highlights of the museum are the Jewel of Muscat replica, life-sized historical ship replicas where children can engage in workshops and the Typhoon Theatre (image below).

Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium Typhoon Theatre

The Typhoon Theatre is a 360 degree multimedia theatre that simulates a historical journey in which visitors board a sailing ship bound to Arabia. Inside, visitors experience the ship encountering a storm. The ground sinks in when the ship sinks, bringing the audience to a new world surrounded by marine life.

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