Sentosa Island tourist package

Sentosa Island is a must stop for most tourists in Singapore. Although the most popular attraction on the island is Universal Studios Singapore, the other attractions in Sentosa are must-visits too!

Here are a few tourist highlights of Sentosa:

1. Jewel Cable Car (2 way ride)

There are many different ways to enter Sentosa Island from the main Singapore island, but the best and most popular way is by cable car. Take a ride to Sentosa Island from the popular hilltop destination, Mount Faber.

Singapore Sentosa Cable Car

Singapore Sentosa Cable Car

You and your friends/family will be marvelled by the spectacular sky view of Singapore’s cityscape from your cable car.

2. Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon

2,500 marine creatures live behind the glass panels of Asia’s largest tropical oceanarium – Singapore’s popular Underwater World at Sentosa.

Normal tourists simply watch the marine life from the conveyor belt, but if you are the adventurous type, you can dive with the sharks.

Sentosa Underwater World Singapore

Sentosa Underwater World Singapore

While waiting for admission, check out the mini pools outside. See endangered turtles in the Turtle Pool, Eagle Rays in the Ray Pool and starfish in the Touch Pool.

3. Sentosa CineBlast – Extreme Log Ride

The only cinema ride in Singapore. Watch the movie through special 3D glasses and be transported to another world by a realistic simulation ride.

Sentosa CineBlast

Sentosa CineBlast

4. Sentosa 4D Magix – Pirates in 4-D

The first 4-dimensional (4D) theatre in Southeast Asia was built right here on Sentosa Island of Singapore for S$3.5 million. Watch Pirates, a movie screened in 3D but with extra effects added in (the 4th D) like wind blowing, water sprinkling and seats moving.

Sentosa 4D Magix

Sentosa 4D Magix

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Package – $159.9 (U.P. $182.90, save $23):
Universal Studios Singapore
+ Cable Car
+ Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium
+ Underwater World
+ CineBlast
+ 4D Magix
+ Luge & Skyride
+ Songs of the Sea

Your Singapore Guide

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