10 Things to Eat for backpackers in Singapore

Hi backpackers,

Many of you are probably thinking about what food to eat in Singapore after watching on TV or reading about the strange things that Asians eat. Here is a list of 10 Things to Eat that all tourists must have the experience of eating, in order to have fully enjoyed the range of Singapore’s delicacies.

  1. Eat durian for dinner
    Backpacker eating a durian in Singapore

    Backpacker eating a durian in Singapore

    Singaporeans love durians so much that they built a giant glass durian in the middle of the city in honour of the King of Fruits – The Esplanade. People throughout South East Asia are huge fans of the durian. If you’re backpacking across Asia, there’s no way you’ll miss it. You have to eat the durian fruit. Durian cake, durian ice cream, durian cookies etc are not counted.

  2. Eat Roti Prata at Little India
    Roti Prata at Singapore's Little India

    Roti Prata at Singapore’s Little India

    Roti Prata is an Indian Pancake that is a must-try for tourists in Little India. It is traditionally eaten plain with curry or sugar, but the modernized versions have extra ingredients like cheese, onions or even chocolate. It is made of flour that is deep-fried such that it is chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

  3. Eat a rainbow kueh lapis, layer by colourful layer
    Eat a rainbow cake in Singapore, layer by colourful layer

    Eat a rainbow cake in Singapore, layer by colourful layer

    This rainbow cake is a traditional delicacy of the Nyonya people in Singapore. It is sticky and chewy. Each layer can be peeled off and eaten individually. Part of the joy that comes from eating a rainbow layer cake in Singapore is licking the stickiness off your fingers after.

  4. Queue up for Tau Huey at Rocher
    Join the famous Singapore Rocher beancurd queue

    Join the famous Singapore Rocher beancurd queue

    Soybean pudding, known to Singaporeans and other South East Asians as Tau Huey, is a favourite dessert eaten with fried dough sticks. Dip the dough sticks into the pudding’s sugar syrup for maximum pleasure.

  5. Drink Kopiat a coffee shop
    Singapore coffee - Kopi

    Singapore coffee – Kopi

    Traditional Singaporean coffee, Kopi, is sold at almost every hawker centre and coffee shop in Singapore. There are many varieties of Kopi, with varying amounts of milk and sugar.

  6. Drink Teh Tarik
    Teh Tarik man in Singapore

    Teh Tarik man in Singapore

    Singaporeans love Teh Tarik. It is milk tea made in a unique way by “pulling” it. The tea is repeatedly poured from one cup to another from a height, to optimize the temperature of the tea for enhanced flavour.

  7. Slurp laksa at Katong
    Famous Katong Laksa

    Famous Katong Laksa

    Laksa is a popular dish among Singaporeans. It is rice vermicelli noodles in a spicy coconut milk based soup, with a hard boiled egg, fish cake slices and prawns.

  8. Munch on a $1 ice-cream sandwich
    Singapore ice cream sandwich

    Singapore ice cream sandwich

    This $1 treat of an ice cream slab held inside a slice of colourfully swirled bread has been a Singapore local favourite for many decades. It is commonly sold at roadside stalls along the streets. Inflation has caused prices at some stalls to rise above $1, but the authentic ones are still $1.

  9. Chew on Bak Kua at Chinatown
    Pork jerky - Bak Kwa

    Pork jerky – Bak Kwa

    Pork jerky comes in squares that are roasted to perfection and then cut with a scissor into smaller pieces. The season when Singaporeans go crazy about it is during Chinese New Year, but it is available at Chinatown all year round.

  10. Eat the Singaporean version of carrot cake
    Carrot cake - Singapore version

    Carrot cake – Singapore version

    Order “carrot cake” anywhere in Singapore and South East Asia, and you are likely to be served this. “Carrot cake” here refers to a stir fried dish of radish (called white carrot by the locals), eggs, soy sauce and other seasonings. Order it “white” (less soy sauce) or “black” (more soy sauce).

These are experience foods for snacking For a hearty meal, read Top 10 Singaporean Food. Part 1 and Part 2.

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