5 important tips tourists shoud know before coming to Asia

Dear travellers,

Here are 5 very important tourist tips that you should know before you board your plane to backpack across South East Asia.

  1. The air in Asia is very polluted, especially in the major city areas. The sun getting blocked by clouds of smoke from forest fires or smoke from factories are common occurances.
  2. Asians smoke a lot. Yes, the Asian people contribute to the pollution too. Asia beats other world regions flat, with the highest percentage of smokers (55%). Asian people smoke like the chimneys of Asian factories – that’s hell a lot.
  3. You are going to get stared at, period. Try to feel honoured, rather than annoyed. They’re staring at your because they find you interesting (foreign). You’re classified as interesting as long as your skin is not yellow.
  4. Chopsticks are not meant to be stuck straight up into rice bowls. Asians are easily impressed when they see tourists using chopsticks with ease, but their respect for you will very quickly disappear if you use your rice as a place holder for your chopsticks. It is considered bad luck.
  5. Minimize physical contact, please. The culture in Asia is conservative, so no kissing, hugging or prolonged handshakes, especially between opposite genders.
If you are stopping over at Singapore, here are another 5 important tourist tips about Singapore.
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Travel Delight,
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