5 important tourist tips about Singapore

Dear Singapore tourists,

Here are 5 very important tourist tips that you should know before you come to Singapore, to save yourself from a huge culture shock.

  1. Singapore’s weatheris hot (sunny) and wet (rainy), and you will be (feeling) hot and wet (sweaty) too.Prepare for the scorching heat by packing sunblock, sunglasses and cotton clothes. Prepare for the rain by packing flip flops and a small, fold-able umbrella. Remember to bring your umbrella along when you go out, because Singapore’s rain comes without warning, and it comes very frequently!
  2. Singapore is one of the most densely populatedcities in the entire world, so be prepared to get squeezed. Forget personal space.On board public transport, especially during the morning and evening peak hours, do not be surprised to find yourself squashed so close to the people surrounding you that you can barely move.

    At popular streets like Orchard Road, Clarke Quay and Chinatown, you will also get shoved and jabbed as you walk.

  3. Singaporeans walk really fast. If you’re used to strolling along at a leisurely pace, you’re in for a surprise. Many tourists have remarked that Singaporeans always seem to be in a rush because they don’t walk – they brisk walk. All the time.If you really must take the time to enjoy your stroll, then be sure to stay at the side and not block other people’s paths. Otherwise, you might find yourself at the receiving end of a dirty look, shove or scolding.
  4. Accommodation is very expensive. Hotel rates average around a few hundred Singapore dollars per night’s stay – not easy to justify, given that tourists typically spend only a few hours per day sleeping (Singapore’s night lifeis not to be missed!) in their hotels.To save money for more exciting stuff like Singapore attraction tickets and Singapore food, many tourists in Singapore have opted to spend their nights in backpacker hostels. With rates averaging between 20-30 Singapore dollars, the cost savings are really huge. Many of these hostels offer special deals to Singapore attractions too.
  5. Food in Singapore is greasy (and really yummy). Most of the local food is made of carbohydrates and fats. If your stomach is not accustomed to oily food, or if you are on a diet, then it would be good to pack your own meals.Tourists should plans their meals such that they get to taste the best local food from each of the major Singaporean ethnic groups. For recommendations, see my list of Top 10 Singapore Food Dishes.
If you are going to continue travelling to other countries in Asia after your stopover in Singapore, here are another 5 important tourist tips about Asia (South East Asia, in particular).
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