Glam Tree of Singapore’s Kampong Glam

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Many tourists in Singapore have Kampong Glam in their list of must-visit tourist destinations. Do you know how Kampong Glam got its name? Kampong Glam is a Malay name. Kampong means Village, and Glam is a tree species that is commonly found growing there.

Glam Tree at Kampong Glam, Singapore

Glam Tree at Kampong Glam, Singapore

The Glam Tree has a special bark that is paler in colour than the bark of most other tree species. In Singapore’s history, the Glam Tree was used mainly for its leaves and bark.

Leaves of the Glam Tree contain cajuput oil that is applied externally to treat muscular aches, pains, respiratory problems. The bark of the Glam Tree is water proof and very durable. Sailors used the bark to seal gaps in their boats as it could withstand the effects of the salt in the sea water.

If you are looking for a tourist souvenir to buy back for your friends and family, the shops at Kampong Glam sell special Glam Tree products. Some even have tourist discounts!

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