Singapore Chingay Parade 2012

Hi backpackers,

Chingay Parade 2012 will be held this Thursday and Friday on the 3 & 4 Feb 2012 at the Pit Building next to the Singapore Flyer.

Event details:
Friday, 3 Feb 2012 – Parade Day 1 at 8.30pm
Saturday, 4 Feb 2012 – Parade Day 2 at 8.00pm

What Chingay Parade is
Chingay is a Hokkien dialect word, meaning “the art of masquerade”. Chingay Parade began as a neighbourhood parade with only Chinese elements in 1973. Today, the Chingay Parade is the grandest street and floats parade in Asia, showcasing the rich, vibrant multi-culturalism of Singapore and exciting cultures all over the world. All Singaporeans are really proud of it!

What to expect at the Chingay Parade
A dazzling extravaganza of colours and cultural diversity, Chingay Parade Singapore is known for its resplendent floats and multi-cultural local and international performances that depict our festive traditions and delight the hearts of many Singaporeans and tourists.

For an idea of what the Chingay Parade looks like, check out the photos I took at Chingay Parade 2011 last year.

Theme for Chingay Parade 2012
“Love, Care and Kindness Everywhere”

Event highlights for Chingay Parade 2012

1. Grand Opening: Dragon Dramatics: LED Hip Hop dragon dance from Zhangjiang, China and a magnificent dragon and phoenix from Xi’an, Shaanxi of China.

2. Beautiful Cultures: Showcase of Chinese Culture

3. Embracing International Cultures: International acts from Indonesia and Taiwan.

4. Dreams Realised – Love Our Children: Featuring children in costumes, a float and a 120m balloon rainbow arching into the air.

5. Engaging as One – Love Our Community:  A synchronized symphony of 600 ‘dikir barat’ singers and dancers and a breathtaking tai chi fan dance performed by 1,000 Interest Group members from various Community Clubs.

6. Triumph Over Challenge – The Grand Finale: 1000 performers stream across the waterway surrounding three giant sailboats with thunder and lightning effects.

Get your Singapore Chingay Parade 2012 tickets here.

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