Underwater World at Sentosa Singapore

Hi tourists,

Want to see how life is like at the bottom of the sea? Visit the Underwater World at Singapore today on Sentosa Island to see 250 species of sea creatures from around the Asian seas. Watch majestic rays, fearsome sharks, translucent jelly fish, all without getting wet or having to use an oxygen tank.

Underwater world at Sentosa Singapore

Underwater World at Sentosa Singapore

Currently, the theme of Underwater World at Sentosa Singapore is “Living Fossils”, showing aquatic creatures whose ancestors appeared millions of years ago.

For visitors who want a bit of activity, swim with the dolphins at the Dolphin Lagoon just next door!

To order discounted tickets:
kusu.sg@gmail.com or +65 8282 1312 

Free delivery to your hotel/hostel in Singapore.
All Singapore attraction tickets available.
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Package – $159.9 (U.P. $182.90, save $23):
Universal Studios Singapore
+ Cable Car
+ Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium
+ Underwater World
+ CineBlast
+ 4D Magix
+ Luge & Skyride
+ Songs of the Sea

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