Merlion Tower Sentosa

Hi tourists in Singapore,

Are you familiar with the Merlion, the national symbol of Singapore? Do you know the story behind the Merlion?

Sentosa Merlion Singapore

No tourist visit to Singapore is complete without meeting its most famous, 37-m tall resident, The Merlion, located at Sentosa Island, off the shore of the main Singapore island.

What is the Merlion, really?

It’s really a mythical creature that was invented by the Singapore Tourism Board to commemorate the Lion’s City’s roots as a humble fishing village.

In Singapore, when we say, “to do a Merlion”, it really means to vomit, as this is what the Merlion at the Merlion Park does day in day out, spew water from its untiring mouth. So you can also say, “Watch out for the Merlions at the clubs!” In other words, it means watch out for people who have drunk so much they have to vomit.

At the Merlion tower in Sentosa, you will be transported to the depths of the ocean to meet legendary sea dragons and mythical mermaids. You will also learn more about the the origins of the Merlion in an animation, and visit the Mercubs to discover your fortune.

Finally, as you climb to the top of the Merlion tower, you will be able to take in a breath-taking unhindered view of Sentosa Island, the South of Singapore main island and the shimmering cityscape. You are also able to take a leisurely walk along the Merlion Walk, an artistic mosaic walkway.

  • Admission Rates: $8 for Adults, $5 for Children
  • Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm daily
  • Address: Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa Island

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