Set Meal with Chatters @ Silver Spring

Hi tourists,

I was exploring the Kampong Glam area yesterday and I walked by Parkview Square. A turquoise shelter facing the quaint little garden caught my eye.

Quaint Cafe Chatters @ Silver Spring

I was curious and went nearer to take a look. I noticed that all the staff there save for one was above 55 years old and my curiosity was further enhanced.

I set down and the owner, Helen came by. I told her about what I noticed and it turned out that Chatters Cafe was started by her as a second career after her own retirement as a HR professional. She wanted to offer Chatters Cafe as a chance for a second career to people who wanted to work beyond retirement.

So every one who works there, save for the barista is above 55. They exude youth beyond their chronological age and have bounce in every step that they take, all befitting the vision of Silver Spring, Helen’s consultancy company that offers advice for a second career!

So come down and taste the aromas of a second spring!

Set Meal @ Chatters

Dine on the delicious fare specially whipped up by Chef Charles, 62 years young, with decades of experience under his belt, collected in the kitchens of reknown Swiss restaurants. Be served by Chef Charles’ teammates, members of a boisterous group of senior citizens running this social enterprise cafe. Enjoy a chat over a meal with your friends in the air-conditioned indoors, or enjoy a quiet night under the starry sky at the al-fresco area at the courtyard outside.

Travel Delight,
Your Singapore Guide


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