Malay Heritage Festival – Malam Pesta Muda-Mudi

Hi tourists,

Interested in learning about Malay Heritage? The Malays are one of the 4 major racial groups in Singapore. Learn more from the Malam Pesta Mud-Mudi festival!

Malam Pesta Muda-Mudi is a night of performances that will highlight Malay heritage and culture as seen through the eyes of our young local Singaporean Malay visual artists and indie bands. A one-day concert paying homage to the musical heroes from the swinging 60s and 70s, Malam Pesta Muda-Mudi will celebrate local Singaporean youth culture before the birth of MTV, to the days of bell-bottoms and platform shoes. Come early and interact with the exhibits!

What to wear: Your best Pop Yeh Yeh outfit.
When to go: 17 Dec 2011, Saturday 5-10pm
Where to go: Singapore Management University Campus Green
Entry Charge: FREE!

Travel Delight,
Your Singapore Guide

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