The Real Meaning Behind the Singapore Flag

Hi tourists,

What do the symbol of Islam and the flag of the People’s Republic of China have in common?

Symbol of Islam

Flag of the People's Republic of China

I’m sure you know what the Singapore flag stands for. But do you know what it REALLY stands for?

It is said that when Singapore just gained independence in 1965, we were in need of a Singapore flag to represent the infant nation. To do that, we had to take into consideration the religious and political sentiments.

In Singapore, the population was made of Muslim Malays and Chinese immigrants. We had to make them both happy to avoid more racial riots in future. So what was done was to take the Crescent Moon from the Islamic symbol which symbolizes a young religion and the Five Stars from the flag of the communist People’s Republic of China.

And therefore, a perfect compromise was made – the Singapore flag.

Cool trivia!

Have loads of fun!


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