Singapore Weather

Hey backpackers!

It’s not true that Singapore doesn’t have seasons. We do! They are, Hot, Hotter, Hottest and Rainy. Tourists in Singapore don’t have to worry much about what clothes to pack, because Singapore’s weather is the same throughout the year – hot and wet.

In Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do.  Dress for the weather.

For the gentlemen,

A perfect outfit would be:

A pair of flip-flops

singapore weather hot wet flip flops

A nice singlet

singapore weather hot singlet

A cooling pair of bermuda shorts

singapore weather hot wet bermudas

For the ladies,

A delightful sundress

singapore weather hot wet sundress

A sunhat

singapore weather hot wet sunhat

For tourists planning a holiday to Singapore, do take note of the major monsoon seasons when the rain gets crazy: the Northeast Monsoon Season (December-March) and the Southwest Monsoon Season (June-September). As the rain in Singapore can be extremely unpredictable, do make wet weather contingency plans!

Your Singapore Guide


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