Singapore Chinatown: Smith Street and Sago Street

Hi backpackers,

A really interesting and free place to visit in Singapore is Singapore’s Chinatown, because each street has a unique story behind it.

It is a really convenient place of interest, located right in the city area, just beside a MRT station. If you are staying in beary good hostel or 5FootwayInn, Chinatown is right at your doorstep.

In the past, people were less educated, so they used mostly either one of the two conventional ways to decide how to call their streets:

#1. After a famous person
#2. After a landmark

We were famished after a long morning of visiting the religious buildings around that area, so we headed to the food streets to grab a couple of quick bites. Chinatown’s streets are well known for their variety of Chinese street food, but did you know that they used to be famous for other reasons?

Smith Street

Smith Street is called such, because of the hugely popular govenor, Sir Cecil Clementi Smith. This building was a hugely successful theatre called Lai Chun Yuan.

Sago Street

Sago Street was called Sago Street after the numerous sago seed factories that used to be situated here. Be careful not to confuse Sago Street with Sago Lane. Sago Lane used to be informally known as the Street of Dead People, because people who were nearing death were left waiting for death in the upper floors of the shophouses along the lane.

Travel Delight,
Your Singapore Guide


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