Why do we eat Mooncakes on Mid Autumn Festival?

Hi tourists,

Happy Mid – Autumn Festival! I hope you will get your fill of mooncakes today!

During Mid- Autumn Festival, the traditional thing for the Chinese is to gather with relatives and friends, eat some mooncake and drink some tea.

mooncake mid autumn festival singapore

But have you wondered why the Chinese eat mooncakes on Mid Autumn Festival?

It is said that mooncakes have a pivotal role in the history of China.

During the Yuan Dynasty between AD 1280-1368, China was under the rule of the Mongolians. The Chinese wanted to overthrow the Mongolians and the leader of the rebels, Zhu Yuan Zhang decided to organise a rebellion to coincide with this festival. Therefore, he distributed thousands of mooncakes to the Chinese people, on the pretext of blessing the Mongol emperor. However, the mooncake was a way to transmit a secret message inserted to each and every one of them. “Kill the Mongols on the 15th of the 8th Lunar Month!” it said.

And therefore, on that night, the rebellion was organised and the Mongolian rule was overthrown. This also made Zhu Yuang Zhang the emperor of the Ming Dynasty of China.

How’s that for a interesting piece of history you’re eating

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