Mid- Autumn Festival Story Part III

Hi tourists,

Continued from the Mid Autumn Festival Story Part 2.

So what happened to Hou Yi? Well, as I was saying, Hou Yi was really glad that his Elixir of Life was finally ready.

But not his wife Chang E. She knew what would happen if Hou Yi lived forever – the people would not stop suffering. She couldn’t let that happen!

Chang E

So she decided to steal it from the chamber where it was kept. She crept slowly there and took it from the box. At this time, Hou Yi entered the room and caught her red-handed!

Frantically, Chang E did the only thing she could think of. Eat it! And she swallowed the Elixir in one gulp.

Hou Yi was enraged and chased after Chang E, who ran and ran.

Meanwhile, strange changes were taking place within Chang E’s body. She felt funny, but a good kind of funny. She felt invincible, as if she could do anything; maybe even fly!

With Hou Yi hot on her heels, she leaped out the nearest window and…

Defied the laws of gravity!

She flew! Far from Hou Yi’s reach! And she didn’t stop until she reached the moon.

It turned out the Elixir of Life really worked and it had turned Chang E into a goddess. She was later worshipped as the moon goddess and the people loved her for preventing Hou Yi’s never- ending tyranny.

Chang E made the moon her home with only the Jade Rabbit( whom she met there) for company.

Chang E and the Jade Rabbit

If you look at the moon on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, you just might see her there, dancing, on the day when the moon is at its brightest, fullest and most beautiful.

The Moon

I hope you enjoyed the story!

But this is only the story behind how Mid- Autumn came to be celebrated. There is another story behind how mooncakes came to be eaten during this time…

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