Mid Autumn Festival Story Part II

Hi tourists,

Continued from the Mid Autumn Festival Story Part 1.

Curious to find out what happened next to Hou Yi and Chang E?

Well, I was saying, power corrupts and Hou Yi soon became a tyrant who abused his power. The lives of the people were miserable under his rule. Even Chang E whom he loved could not bring the kind Hou Yi back. That old Hou Yi was long gone and consumed by his own power and authority. So day after day the people suffered and were unhappy.

Hou Yi was so obsessed with being the ruler that he feared death greatly because he it would mean the end of his rule.

To prevent his own death, Hou Yi sent explorers from the country out to look for a panacea to prevent his death. Anything! So that he could live forever! He also made his court alchemists experiment with herbs to concoct the elusive Immortality Pill.

As the saying goes, when there is a will, there is a way. His court alchemists finally made the Pill!
Hou Yi was elated! At last, immortality was his!

But tyrants don’t always get what they want do they? Find out what happened next in Part 3 of the Mid Autumn Festival Story.

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