5 must-dos for Singapore Lantern Festival 2011

Hi tourists,

2011’s Singapore Lantern Festival (also known as Mooncake Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival or Zhong Qiu Jie) falls on the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It is a month long festival that stretches from 29th August to 26th September.

1. Walk through Chinatown’s street lightup

The streets of Chinatown are always brightly lit. However, during the month of the Lantern Festival, lanterns of many different shapes, sizes and colours springing spring even more life to the area. Be sure to take a walk through these brightly lit streets. I bet you it will be one unforgettable experience!

2. Eat mooncakes

Nibble on the traditional Chinese pastry called the mooncake – a round or squarish lotus-paste cake the size of a palm. Baking mooncakes is a labourious task (look at the intricate patterns on the top of the mooncakes)

For the modern ones, mooncakes with contemporary fillings like chocolate, custard and ice-cream are also available.

3. Carry a red lantern

Join Singapore’s mass lantern procession at Clarke Quay. What’s a festival without celebrating it with other people, right? The more, the merrier! Add your light to the countless of others and play a part in lighting up Clarke Quay for the Singapore Lantern Festival 2011!

4. Watch a stage show

Stage shows will be performed almost every night in various parts of Singapore, especially in Chinatown. You will get to learn a lot about traditional Chinese culture and performing arts through watching these shows.

5. Appreciate the full moon

The main reason for the Mid-Autumn Festival is to appreciate the moon, which is the fullest on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. To follow the ancient tradition exactly, slice your mooncakes into thin slices and enjoy them with Chinese tea while looking at the moon with your loved ones.

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