Majulah! The Singapore Spirit!

Hi guys!

Did you know about this year’s Singapore’s National Day Parade theme?

This year’s theme is Majulah! The Singapore Spirit!


Singapore is our home. As Singaporeans, we share a culture and heritage that is uniquely Singaporean. As a nation, we are united by common ideals and a shared vision.

The theme for NDP 2011 is Majulah! The Singapore SpiritMajulah means “Onward!”. It represents our strength, energy and dynamism to continually strive towards building a better Singapore. It is a word with deep roots in our history that also connects with our National Anthem – a familiar touch point that is close to every Singaporean’s heart.

The Singapore Spirit, highlights our unity as one people. It symbolises the competence and confidence that drive us to reach beyond our boundaries and to constantly seek new heights to scale. It also represents a unity built upon mutual trust as well as our can-do attitude and determination to take challenges in our stride.

Taken together, Majulah! The Singapore Spirit is a rally cry that calls on all Singaporeans to move forward together to bring Singapore to greater heights, to excel in our diverse fields of work and play and to realise our fullest potential. Through the theme, we hope Singaporeans will pause to reflect and discover what the Singapore Spirit means to them. In sharing and passing on the Singapore Spirit to our children, and our grandchildren, we seek to strengthen our roots and at the same time inspire future generations to build a better home, a better Singapore.


This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) logo depicts the passion and dynamism of the NDP 2011 theme “Majulah! The Singapore Spirit”, which calls on all Singaporeans to move forward together to overcome challenges and build a better Singapore.

The five figures symbolise brightly burning flames whose soaring motion reflects Singaporeans’ constant drive for higher levels of success as a nation. The two central figures form the shape of a heart which represents our love for Singapore and the compassion in our society as we celebrate 46 years of independence.  The five stars stand for our nation’s ideals of democracy, justice, equality, peace and progress.

The shades of red reflect Singaporeans from all walks of life.  The overall vivid red colour signifies our unity, determination and can-do spirit that bond us in times of success and adversity.

So let us all roar MAJULAH!

I hope you guys managed to catch tickets to the biggest birthday bash of the year!

Have loads of fun,



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