Getai hits Orchard Road!

Hi Singapore backpackers!

What’s up! In my last posts I talked about Getai (stages) set up for our good “friends” who have been released from Hell for their summer holiday!
You will see stages such as these set up all over Singapore, and entry to these performances are absolutely free. Mostly standing space though. But the catch is these performances are largely catered to Chinese market and therefore are often performed in Mandarin or other Chinese dialects like Hokkien, Teochew, etc. But well, music is beyond language and this is truly entertainment for the masses and the otherworldly. It has such a fixture in Chinese culture in Singapore, that it has even hit upmarket shopping district ORCHARD ROAD!

Check out a video for sampler of a real getai performance. See if you can spot a famous brand caught on video!

For more details, read this article by the Newpaper, a local tabloid…

Catch us here for more interesting videos of songs often sung at getais!

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