The Singapore Flag

Hi tourists,

Since National Day is approaching, I’m sure you will see a lot of red and white in the days coming up to it. But did you know what the Singapore flag represents?

Singapore flag meaning tourist travel

The Singapore Flag

1) The Crescent Moon : A young nation arising.

Singapore is indeed a young nation and turning 46 on 9 August 2011! We’re absolutely a teeny weeny little baby as compared to other big nations. But defintely, a teeny weeny little first world baby.

2) The Five Stars: Democracy, Equality, Progress, Peace and Justice.

Singapore is such a peaceful nation that strikes are rarer than the blue moon and crime rates are one of the lowest in the world. We also value our democracy, that’s why we recently broke our own historical record by voting six members of the opposition party into the Parliament!

3) Red : Universal brotherhood and equality of man.

Why red? Because that is the colour of the blood that flows in all our veins, no matter creed or race.

4) White: Pervading and everlasting virtue

You’ll see that all members of our ruling party wear white as their uniform to show their incorruptibility. And indeed , Singapore has one of the least corrupt government in the world. We’re so incorrupt that we tie at first spot with Denmark and New Zealand  (first being least corrupt of course and last being most corrupt) in the Worldwide Corruption Perceptions ranking of countries in 2010 published by Transparency International.

Singapore flag meaning tourist travel

Fly high, Singapore

Now that you know the official meaning behind the Singapore flag, how about the historical meaning?

Have loads of fun in safe and peaceful Singapore,

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