Labrador Nature Reserve in Singapore

Hi backpackers,

So you traveled all the way to Singapore to escape from the bustling city life in your country, only to find yourself in yet another city. Time to chill and relax. Escape from the quick pace central Singapore to mother nature.

Visit Labrador Nature Reserve to find tranquility amidst the natural wonders. Listen to the waves and cool down your heart with the sea breeze. Hear the birds serenading you from their homes in the trees.

At Labrador Nature Reserve, you will also see a rocky-sea cliff, the only one on the main island of Singapore. Observe flora and fauna that are native to Singapore. There are more than 70 types of birds here and see if you can spot the Abbott’s Babbler, the Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot and the Rufous Woodpecker among many others.

Taste a bit of Singapore’s war history by looking at the war relics like tunnels and a fort that were left behind in Singapore during World War II.

Most importantly, enjoy the sun, sea and breeze!

If you are hungry, catch a bite at Labrador Seafood Restaurant. It is located in a cozy spot in the middle of the nature reserve. The indoors is air-conditioned and the area outside is an al-fresco smoking zone. Dine on fresh seafood accompanied by cheap beer under the stars. For a bit of fun, the restaurant has a Foosball table and a table tennis table for entertainment.

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