The Merlion of Singapore

Hi tourists in Singapore,

Have you visited the Merlion in Sentosa Island?

He’s a mythical creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s body, is the official mascot of Singapore. “Mer” means sea, hence it is called Merlion, literally meaning lion of the sea.

Singapore was originally a fishing village called Temasek, meaning “sea town” in Javanese. Later,people started referring to it as Singapura, meaning “lion city”. My friend the Merlion was purposely designed such as to showcase both of these symbolisms.

There are 5 official Merlion statues around our little island:

1. At Sentosa Island (it functions as a viewing tower)
2. At Merlion Park (the original statue stands here)
3. A Merlion cub behind the original statue at Merlion Park
4. At Mount Faber (take a cable car up)
5.  At Tourism Court (Grange Road)

Hunt them down and take a photo of each of them! Merly’ll be so flattered!

Have loads of fun!

your Singapore guide


3 thoughts on “The Merlion of Singapore

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