Tropical Aeroponic @ Kranji, Singapore

Hi tourists,

Did you know that Singapore has a total agriculture land space of 738 hectares and this is only 1% of our total land space! It produces less than 10% of Singapore’s food demand and hence, we’re very very dependent on imports for our sustenance.

Anyway, I went to visit these urban farms that are really very high-technology to make use of this precious land. They use aeroponics, which is a way of growing plants in a mist environment without soil! (haha you won’t be seeing any earthworms on your aeroponic veggies!) One of them is Tropical Aeroponic.

Here are some of the crops I saw.

Dragon fruit

The contraptions look like giant mushrooms don’t they?

This what the farm Tropical Aeroponic looks like from the outside.

The very popular Chinese vegetable, Kailan, I really love it! I never knew we could grow these without soil.

And here you have snake gourd, really good with some spicy curry.

How to get there?

1) Get to Kranji Mrt on the North South Line

2) Take bus 925 towards Choa Chu Kang Interchante

3) Get down at Kranji Reservoir Pk B, Stop ID:49119

4) Take an approximately 18 min walk to Neo Tiew Crescent and Tropical Aeroponic should be in sight!

Yes, it is a long walk, but enjoy the country side while you are at it! Not much of it left in Singapore.

Have loads of fun,



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