Sakunthala’s awesome Fishhead Curry!

Hi tourists,

It is said that in the past, fish heads used to be thrown away when Indians cooked their curry. They only used the body. However, to the Chinese, the head of the fish is considered that part with the best meat! The cheeks have especially tender flesh.

A South Indian Migrant called Gomez  noticed that the Chinese loved to eat fish heads! Therefore, exploiting this good business opportunity, and preventing waste of food, Gomez started cooking fish heads in his Curry sauce in the 50s, in a humble stall in the Selegie area!

Needless to say, it was a huge success and thus a very popular icon of Singaporean cuisine now! It is now served in every major South Indian cuisine restaurant.

Sakunthala's Fish Head Curry for TWO

I was exploring Little India and I chanced upon at Sakuntala’s Food Palace where I discovered its awesome award-winning Fish Head Curry! As the food came, I could smell the titillating smell of the spices. Just enough to water the tastebuds, but not to overwhelming. I could feel my appetite increasing as I stared at the claypot of curry. The serving was much bigger than I expected, the fish head was probably just slightly smaller than my head!

The orange colours of the curry were really a sight to behold. Coupled with the smell of the exotic spices, I was all ready to dig in. My first taste of the curry was that it was spicy, but not too much that it numbed my tastebuds. A true gastronomic symphony as the tumeric and the curry powder, a long with the taste of the vegetables like tomato, brinjal, etc were in perfect harmony with each other.

I drizzled the curry on the basmati rice and a little mouthful of the tender fish meat. They went perfectly together! No wonder this dish is a Singapore icon! I really love Sakunthala as the rice was served with sides, a good supporting cast for the Fish Head Superstar!

Try it now at

Kupon includes:
– TWO glasses of lime juice
– TWO main courses
– One bowl of signature Fish Head Curry to share

Have loads of fun,



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