Kraze Burgers at liang court, Clarke Quay

Hi tourists,

I was looking for some dinner before a night of partying at Clarke Quay the other day and my food hunt took me to Kraze Burger at Liang Court! It is a premium burger joint from Korea and I was sure it would give me the energy I needed for dancing the night away~!

Kraze Burger was established in 1998 located at Apgujeong-dong of South Korea, which was the first to introduce a restaurant that specialised in providing premium hamburgers. I believe its the first Korean hamburger place in Singapore too! I’ve eaten a lot of the usual Korean BBQ beef like bulgogi, etc, so this was a first for me!

There I had the Original Burger with my KusuLife Kupon, the signature burgersteak at Kraze. It was 31% off the original price of $32.96 with my Kupon! As I savoured a bit out of the juicy beef burgersteak, I could taste the red wine in the sauce. We all know that red wine goes best with red meat, and at Kraze Burger, the beef plus red wine combination was a match made in heaven. The meat was very succulent and done to perfection! Not too done, not too rare. Just nice.

Ooh, Juicy Signature @ Kraze Burger Liang Court, 31% savings!

The burger steak was also serviced with some rice, fried eggs and a stir-fried veggie side of green bell peppers, pineapple, mushroom and onion! It was really a well-balanced and healthy meal.

After my fulfilling meal, I was geared up for my partying!

What you waiting for?

Try it now.

Kupon includes

  • ONE serving homemade rice
  • ONE serving steak in freshly baked buns
  • ONE serving mixed veggies
  • TWO sunny side up eggs

Have loads of fun,



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