Important Travel Tips for Singapore Tourists

Hello tourists,

Here are some important tips that you will find useful during your stay in Singapore.

Area code
Singapore’s country code is 65. There is no regional area code.

Singapore Standard Time is GMT +8. For the exact time, call 1711.

Business hours
Shopping centres: Mon
Banks: 9.30am-3pm Mondays to Fridays, 9-11am Saturday
Post offices: 8.30am-5pm Mondays to Fridays, 8.30am-1pm Saturday

Drinking laws
The legal age to buy and consume alcohol is 18

The standard electrical current is 220V AC. Electrical outlets are made for plugs with 3 square prongs. Most hostel and hotel counters provide international adapters.

Police: Dial 999
Ambulance: Dial 995
Fire engine: Dial 995

Most Singaporeans speak English

It is against the law to smoke in public buses, elevators, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, theatres, shopping centres and hawker centres unless there is a designated smoking area.

There are 2 levels of taxes: a goods and service tax (GST) of 7% of the total purchase value and a service charge of 10% of the total purchase value. There is a GST Tourist Refund Scheme that lets tourists recover the GST for purchases over S$100 in value.

Tap water in Singapore passes World Health Organization standards and can be safely consumed.

Your Singapore Guide


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