The InnCrowd Hostel Singapore

Hey, Singapore backpackers!

The InnCrowd Hostel in the Little India cultural district of Singapore is one of the most established backpacker hostels in the country. It was built based on the simple premise that it had to be a place where the owners would want to stay at and not leave if they were travelling themselves.

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore's facade

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore’s facade

With cozy, friendly, intimate and fun in mind, the founders gutted a 2.5 storey and another 3 storey turn of the century conservation shophouse, re-built, space planned and out-fitted the interior to be THE ULTIMATE BACKPACKERS’ HOSTEL in sunny Singapore while retaining all the Glorious Architectural influence of old, albeit with a twist.

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore's lounge

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore’s lounge

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore's dorms

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore’s dorms

Apart from comfortable dorm beds, the InnCrowd Hostel also comes fully equiped with Toilets & Showers, Sundecks, Pool & Games Internet, a Travel Library and an awesome Pub with Cheap Beer.

The InnCrowd Hostel also brings guests on guided tours around the Singapore city area.

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore's xootr tour

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore’s xootr tour

Buy discounted attraction tickets at counter
An additional value-add for tourists, especially backpackers: guests can skip the long queues at the popular Universal Studios Singapore tourist attraction by buying from the InnCrowd Hostel counter or pre-ordering their attraction tickets.

For discounted admission tickets to the other best and top rated Singapore places of interest like the Night Safari, the Singapore Zoo and the Singapore Flyer,

Free delivery to your hotel/hostel in Singapore.
All Singapore attraction tickets available.

The InnCrowd Hostel
73 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209401
Rate / Price range: From SGD 20
Check-in time: 2pm
Check-out time: 12pm
Book your bed now!

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